Rozaneh Media is an independent full service marketing research agency offering both quantitative & qualitative research services to a diverse range of clients based in Iran and around the globe helping them make the right business decisions. Our clients include Iranian and international corporations, marketing research companies & consulting firms. 

We operate through our offices in Tehran and Kish, conducting researches anywhere in Iran or in the rest of the middle east region.

Our company is deeply committed to the quality of information, timely delivery, the action and ability of insights. We deliver to our clients through reliable & cost effective data collection.

Our aim has always been to be the preferred & trusted partner that thoroughly understands the needs of the clients, working closely to share an open and transparent relationship which is aimed at establishing long-lasting co-operations. 


How can I order a research?

Email :

Telegram: +989106184718

Telephone: +982145837

Address: NO.32 . Sazman ab St , Sheikh fazlollah Noori Highway . Tehran